What is Instagram Threads app and How Is It Becoming The New Twitter?

Social media is a constantly evolving landscape. With every passing day, it experiences shifts, changes, and new entrants. One such recent and noteworthy disruption is Instagram’s Threads. Since its inception, Instagram Threads has exhibited a staggering growth trajectory, attracting over 5 million users in first four hours. But what sets Instagram Threads apart from other rising platforms, and what makes it a compelling alternative to Twitter? We delve into the details below.

Instagram Threads: An Overview.

Instagram Threads, a spin-off app from Instagram, has managed to carve out its unique niche. Unlike its parent app, which is primarily centered around visual content, Threads emphasizes conversation and interaction. Users can log in using their Instagram credentials, share text updates, join public debates, and engage in enriching discourse.

Threads allows for posts with up to 500 characters, comfortably surpassing Twitter’s 280-character limit. Users can also share links, up to 10 images, and videos as long as 5 minutes. However, unlike Twitter, Threads does not use hashtags or offer a trending section.

Instagram Threads app interface
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The Onboarding Journey.

Instagram Threads’ growth and popularity are largely attributable to its user friendly sign up process. Threads leverages Instagram’s existing userbase of 2.35 billion, enabling easy sign up with pre-existing Instagram accounts. The bio can also be auto-filled, ensuring a swift and smooth registration experience.

Upon joining Threads, users are assigned an ID based on their rank, which is primarily determined by the timing of their joining. This ID, displayed as a badge under your username on Instagram, signals to your followers that you are on Threads. For users under 18 years, profiles are defaulted to private, ensuring safety and privacy.

Comparing Instagram Threads and Twitter.

Despite being a minimalist platform with a modest feature set, Instagram Threads provides a refreshing change from the Twitter experience. While Twitter has a comprehensive search function, Threads currently only supports searching for people to follow. Furthermore, unlike Instagram, direct post sharing with other users is not yet available on Threads.

However, Threads holds a significant advantage over Twitter – its massive, pre-existing userbase through Instagram. Coupled with growing discontent with Twitter under Elon Musk’s stewardship, Instagram Threads has gained considerable traction.

While other Twitter alternatives, such as Bluesky and Mastodon, also emerged following Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, these platforms struggled to gain momentum due to their need to build their userbases from scratch. Ease of use also plays a crucial role in the adoption of new platforms, and often, these platforms are deemed too complex for average users.

Character Limit500 characters per post.Va280 characters per tweet.
Visual ContentUp to 10 photos and videos up to 5 minutes.VaPhotos, videos, and GIFs.
HashtagsNo hashtags.VaUses hashtags.
Trending TopicsNo trending topics.VaFeatures trending topics.
Search FunctionOnly for people.VaTweets and trending topics.
Direct MessagesNot yet available.VaAvailable.
Edit PostsNot available.VaNot available.
UserbaseDraws from Instagram’s userbase.VaStandalone userbase.
Signup ProcessEasy with Instagram import option.VaStandard registration.
Content SharingShares links, photos, videos.VaShares links, photos, videos.
Age PrivacyDefault private for users under 18.VaNo default privacy setting.
Account Integration.Integrates with Instagram.VaNo major integration.

Privacy Concerns.

Despite its soaring popularity, Instagram Threads does come with some privacy concerns. To use the app, users have to grant a plethora of permissions, including access to their “Financial Info” and “Sensitive Info.” This extensive access requirement can be a sticking point for many, given Meta’s past controversies and scandals.

A Peek into the Past.

If you are an ardent Instagram follower, Threads might seem like a familiar term. That’s because Threads was initially launched as a companion app to Instagram in 2019. Primarily a “camera-first” messaging app, it was designed for sharing status updates and chatting with close friends. However, this initial version was discontinued in December 2021, only to be revived as the new Twitter competitor it is today.

Looking Ahead.

During a company-wide meeting in June, Meta’s product chief Chris Cox revealed his vision for Threads: a secure, user-friendly platform where creators can find a stable home to build their audiences. Meta also intends to make Threads compatible with ActivityPub, the universal protocol for social networking created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This interoperability will foster novel connections that aren’t possible on most social apps today, offering a promising future for Instagram Threads.


With a user-centric approach, impressive growth, and an easy-to-use interface, Instagram Threads is certainly making waves in the social media landscape. While the road ahead is challenging and filled with fierce competition, the platform’s unique features and massive userbase position it strongly to rival Twitter’s dominance.

Have you tried it yet? How do you find it compared to Twitter or other social platforms? Please share this article with your friends and colleagues who may find this insightful, and don’t forget to leave your comments below. Let’s start a conversation about this fascinating evolution in the social media landscape.”

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